Help raise greater public awareness about the environmental and human consequences of war. Host a screening for your friends or community. Choose one of the options below depending upon the type of screening you'd like to organize. Fees include DVDs of both films and help cover the costs of our organizing effort. Download the screening guide and publicity materials to help plan and promote your screening.

Contact us with any questions - or 800-475-2638.

Home Screenings

To host a house party (1-25 people), choose this option. This is a great way to bring together friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.
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Admission Free Screening

License to host one free-to-the public screening for 100 people or less. Includes both DVDs and publicity materials.

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Fundraiser Screening


License to host one public screening for 100 people or less, where you may charge for admission to cover costs.

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5X Screenings Package

License to show the film publicly on multiple dates to a crowd of 100 or less. These rights cover up to five screenings of the film, and you may charge admission.

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Very Large Screenings

If you wish to show the film publicly to a crowd of more than 100, or purchase more than five screening licenses, please send us an email at We encourage big screenings and multiple showings but will need to determine the fees on an individual basis.

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Educational Version

If you plan to show the film in a school or college classroom, a public library, business or government agency you must purchase this version.
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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: